My son suffered from persistant reflux, excess wind, constipation and eczema from birth which caused him great discomfort and made him a very cranky and inconsolable baby. Despite being on all the available medication, his symptoms showed no signs of resolving so around 18 months of age I decided to take it upon myself to cure him and I did this by turning to alternative/holistic medicine. By 26 months, he was fully cured, thanks to the advice of two naturapaths, several invaluable books and lots of  research as well as our commitment to following the advice and sticking to a strict diet and supplement program. I wish that I had done it sooner as living with his condition was difficult for all involved but I am proud that we managed to cure him.

I have made this website in the hope of helping other mums in search of answers for their children’s persistant reflux, excess wind, constipation and/or eczema as I know how distressing they can be for a child and how it can affect the quality of life for the entire family. Of course every child is different and what worked for us may not work for another child, however I hope that our story will inspire you to take charge of your child’s health and try to resolve any issues by getting to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.